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Is Team Coaching the Key to Unlocking Your Organization's Potential?

Teams fuel business growth as their members generate ideas and solutions that are much better than any team member could develop as an individual. Understandably, organizations want their teams to perform well and sustain performance and well-being over the team's life. Team coaching focuses on the team's learning, development, and well-being in and out of the flow of work to meet its objectives aligned with its strategic goals.

We integrate coaching, consulting, facilitation, and team learning methodologies into our team-coaching experiences. We do interventions for teams in crisis but also work with teams that want to operate at the intersection of high performance and well-being and create a thriving team.

Team coaching can help your team members develop a greater connection to their work collectively, leading to more effective work teams.

Our approach is team-on-team coaching. The issues leaders and teams deal with today are complex and require complex solutions – meeting complexity with complexity.

Teams are complex systems, and through their interactions as a team, cause their own behavior. Seeing teams and organizations as a system allows us to interact with the system to observe behavior and then take further action to influence the emergence of new behaviors, transforming the team into a new, higher-performing team system. We balance development and performance in our coaching engagements. Our experience and research show that Teams only learn and improve as a group if they are coached together rather than individually. Coaching the team together encourages members to look outside their individual roles, see the team system as a whole, and see how their behaviors impact the team, how they add value, and how their team members add value. We treat the teams' problems and challenges as opportunities for learning and growth.

Improve the effectiveness of your teams by partnering with us for cutting-edge team coaching programs that raise awareness of the value each team member adds and explore ways to create and improve interdependence and improve the team and overall organizational effectiveness.

We can help you and your team gain more awareness and understanding of what drives your team’s dynamics.

Thriving Teams Institute is ready to help you and your team understand how you experience each other, and how you can improve your team dynamics to obtain a more positive team work environment which leads to higher performance and better business results.

We offer the following assessments:

Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI™) Awareness into Thinking Preferences This neuroscience-based assessment focuses on the eight dimensions of thinking. It helps you activate your whole brain for maximum impact, and it helps you communicate more effectively with your team. The new awareness will help you understand how you show up to others and how you might perceive how others are showing up on the team. By building a shared knowledge and vocabulary your team can unleash the full power of the critical and creative problem-solving capabilities on your team.

EQ-I 2.0 Awareness into Emotional Intelligence

Strongly rooted in the scientific method, the EQ-I 2.0 assessment uses 15 distinct EQ competencies, which are categorized into 5 composites (self-perception, self-expression, interpersonal, decision making, and stress management). Implicitly understanding strengths and weaknesses is critical to developing stronger emotional intelligence within multiple personality facets.

EQ-1 2.0 360 Leader 360 Similar to the above assessment, the EQ 360 leadership assessment determines emotional intelligence capabilities but also incorporates the insights of others in your professional sphere, such as managers, subordinates, and colleagues. This is an integral part of the team 360 approach, because it encompasses a fuller perspective. By determining how a person is perceived, they will have a stronger grasp of their true emotional intelligence.

ESCI 360 (Emotional and Social Competency Inventory) Leader and Team 360

This assessment focuses on 12 leadership competencies, including emotional self-awareness, emotional self-control, achievement orientation, positive outlook, adaptability, empathy, organizational awareness, influence, coach and mentor, conflict management, inspirational leadership, and teamwork. People who exhibit a grasp over these competencies typically perform most impressively in the workplace.

Thrivealytics™ Awareness into Thriving We have a suite of surveys and narrative based assessments that dig deep into the foundational building blocks of thriving and the overall perception on thriving within your teams and organization. Depending on your needs, we will collect the data that will help you understand your current stories of thriving while also providing insights into how to change the story in a way that brings about new levels of thriving within your teams and organization.

You can learn more about our team development courses here.


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