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Team Learning: Developing High Performing Teams with Teamstigator™

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, having an agile,"Always Ready" team to tackle unexpected challenges is critical to success. Teamstigator™ is our unique team coaching methodology for helping leaders and teams gain an external perspective on their leadership dynamics and help them improve their readiness. We aim to shift the conversation from "what should we do" to "what can we do," fostering a proactive mindset focused on creative solutions. Our Teamstigator program is all about exploring risks, opportunities, and alternative viewpoints to challenge current perspectives within your organization.

Navigating complexity and making decisions no longer rests solely with team leaders; it's a team effort, with the whole team sharing the load for the success for both the team and the organization. The best leaders guide their teams toward a vision while fostering a culture that enables each member to excel. We believe in navigating the tensions between culture and vision to uncover new paths to success. Our research, which informs our Vision First, Culture Always® framework, shows that leaders adept at navigating these tensions cultivate the most engaged, innovative, and high-performing teams. The journey begins with a pre-assessment to help you identify these tensions, followed by applying Teamstigator to different scenarios to unlock fresh solutions to age-old problems and future-focused challenges. Our systematic and comprehensive process involves breaking teams out of a defensive, fixed mindset and encouraging an offensive approach that explores innovative options.

Teamstigator sessions employ various strategies to assist teams in developing better solutions and create a space for your team to explore problems deeply, challenge assumptions, and unleash creativity by introducing diverse viewpoints to broaden the team's perspective and injecting purposeful questions and ideas to stimulate different thinking about the problem at hand.

These sessions are designed to provide leaders and teams with increased clarity, refined solutions for future success, an articulated awareness of potential risks, and signals to watch for and monitor as they move forward.

The effectiveness of leaders and their teams in learning and planning determines the quality of the decisions they make and their success. Being prepared allows them to adapt to changing conditions and move closer to achieving their vision.

What are some common problems with conventional decision-making processes?

Teams often fail to uncover the root of a problem through their team learning and problem-solving routines. Below are some examples of how teams create barriers to making better decisions:

➡️ Leaders and team members may not seek input from others with valuable insights.

➡️ Becoming overwhelmed and analysis paralysis can hinder progress.

➡️ A fixed, defensive mindset can impede teaming behaviors and decision-making.

➡️ Complicated solutions may be favored over simple, effective ones.

➡️ Fear of ambiguity and uncertainty can delay decisions.

➡️ Lack of monitoring for signals and data can prevent course corrections.

If your standard problem-solving approach isn't yielding the desired outcomes, it's time to reimagine your decision-making processes. Today's dynamic business environment requires new methods to sustain performance, foster innovation, and remain competitive.

Here's how Teamstigator ™ can help your team approach things differently, improve team learning and performance, and make better decisions:

☑️ Fresh Perspectives: Teamstigator brings in people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives who may see the problem from angles you haven't considered. This diversity of thought can lead to new insights and creative solutions. ☑️ Questioning Assumptions: Participants in Teamstigator sessions are encouraged to question assumptions, which can reveal flawed or outdated thinking that has been holding your team back. This approach helps in identifying and addressing blind spots. .☑️ Critical Thinking: Our Teamstigator program promotes critical thinking and constructive criticism. Team members are encouraged to find flaws in a strategy or approach being discussed, which can lead to improvements and refinements. ☑️ Identification of Alternative Courses of Action: Teamstigator sessions often involve brainstorming alternative solutions or approaches to the problem. This technique can help your team explore new avenues and options you may not have considered previously. ☑️ Improved Communication: Our Teamstigator program encourages effective communication within your team. It forces team members to articulate their ideas and defend their positions, leading to better understanding and collaboration.

Bring Teamstigator to your organization today, and we'll design a customized experience aligned with your desired business outcomes. Learn more here.

If you would like to discuss how Teamstigator™ can be designed to fit your organization's needs. Schedule a call here.


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