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Building Thriving Teams®

Learn to be a Better Team
A Path to High Performance in the Present
and Sustainability in the Future

We are a marketplace for teams to come learn as a team.  Our expert instructors are leading the frontier of team research and/or practitioners with deep experiences building high performing and thriving teams.  We believe thriving teams are the most critical asset for any organization to be future ready.  

Begin strengthening your team's capabilities to achieve and sustain high performance in fast changing environments.  Schedule your team for a course now.

On-Demand Team Courses

Capabilities We Help Teams Develop

Developing team capabilities is more complex than developing individual skills and competencies.  The team is a dynamic system in an everchanging environment- so the approach to learning has to take all of that into account.  We know how teams learn best and how teams best prepare for navigating ambiguity and uncertainty.  We structure our team courses based on our expertise in team learning and our course topics help teams learn and perform in ambiguous and uncertain conditions.  Our team professional development will help future proof your organization.  

Teams We Serve






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Custom-Designed Team Experiences

Design for Thriving

While all of our team learning experiences are flexible enough to ensure your unique context is part of the experience, sometimes you need even more customization.  Let us understand your context, the most-pressing problems you are facing, and then we will design an team learning experience that will uncover new pathways for high performance and thriving.  

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Thriving Teams Institute is an organizational and team development firm that specializes in helping cross-functional, technical, and entrepreneurial teams be at their best. We focus on supporting organizations that want to implement team learning initiatives, build design thinking and team learning capabilities, and experience thriving as part of their journey. We work best with clients who want their teams to learn together and learn how to learn as a pathway to improving their effectiveness and overall performance. 

We understand the learning that needs to be taking place at the team level, so your teams and organization can operate at their best. The expertise on cross-functional teams is often an underutilized superpower in technical organizations.  We help you make it a superpower that will allow your teams to be high performers and continually pursue excellence.   Framing our learning experiences through the Vision First, Culture Always® framework, we support leaders and teams on their journey to thriving- which exists at the crossroads of high performance, learning, strategy, and well-being.   

Our diverse leadership team has experienced and researched team learning and thriving from many perspectives. We believe in the power of cross-functional teams for solving the complex problems organizations are facing as we embrace the uncertain, chaotic, and quickly changing environments thrown our way. Our team has the perfect mix of expertise in technical organizations, leadership, teams, learning, high performance, and thriving to bring you a new approach to your performance and talent problems.  We look forwarding to partnering together on your journey with team learning.


“Our time spent with Thriving Teams Institute has helped me understand our team and myself more than ever and I have been able to grow both as an employee, co-worker, and person. Beginning with the idea of defense vs. offense, I give them a lot of credit regarding our slow down to speed up mindset change.  As first, I was very hesitant- all I could see were the roadblocks ahead and how much work needed to be done, but now I feel much more comfortable speaking up, sharing ideas, and ultimately being myself without worrying what consequences/results it could bring.” 

– Sales Regional Director 


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