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Every organization is at a different stage of implementing team learning initiatives in their organization, so we have an offering that will work for you regardless of the stage your team and organization are in.  We love the power of team learning and it's impact on high performance and thriving.



Our cohort courses build capabilities in creative problem solving, innovative thinking and designing for high performing and thriving teams.  Our unique learning experiences will help you develop new skills and unlock new possibilities.  It is all learning that will help you be more effective decision makers.



Get in on the power of team learning and the impact it can have on your teams and organizations ability to perform and thrive in complex environments and times of uncertainty.  Get your team learning certification and be equipped with new knowledge, tools, and team learning methods to build thriving teams.


Custom Team Learning Experiences

Team development is crucial to performance.  Teams become more effective at communicating, learning, interacting, and performing when you are intentional about their development.  The development also needs to fit your context and needs, so custom experiences can ensure the learning has the most ROI.


Team Coaching

Have Teamstigators work with you or your team to uncover new perspectives to old problems, unlock new possibilities, challenge assumptions, and encourage curiosity as you tackle your most pressing issues.  We are the creative speed bump in your decision-making process.

Book a Teamstigator™ Team Coaching Session today.


Vision First, Culture Always® Strategic Planning Workshops

Using our Vision First, Culture Always® framework, we will help you unpack the strategy, learning, people, and environment needed to design for thriving.  Using our design, narrative, and team based methods, we will help you design a plan that can be implemented.



We offer our surveys on thriving, which we branded as Thrivealtyics™, as well as other known assessments: Neethling Brain Instrument, ESCI 360, EQ-I 2.0.  We can also custom design a survey and narrative interviews to help you gather the data you need to make the most effective decisions.


Design-Based Team Learning for Entrepreneurs

Our main course for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams focuses on utilizing design thinking to explore the path from idea to company. It allows you to keep the complexity of the human and business dynamics as guiding forces towards the best solution in designing your company.


Knowledge Communities

Knowledge Communities are a social learning group that shares their knowledge and insights.  This allows participants to collectively co-create new knowledge and ideas that will help them achieve their individual and collective goals.  We create the space for experiential and tacit knowledge.

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Design for Thriving as the Employee Experience 
for HR Professionals

Learn the research on thriving, experience design thinking, and unlock new possibilities as you explore the transition from engagement to thriving as the focus of your employee experience initiatives.  Explore the power of taking a new vantage point to unlock new solutions for your team.

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Free Consultation

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Book a free 15 minute consultation with a member of our team.  We can help uncover how to best bring team learning to your organization. 

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