Team/Organizational 360

Questions You May Be Asking

Has someone described your environment as toxic? Are your employees disengaged? Do you have a lot of turnover? Does there appear to be a barrier to high performance? Is there a particular team that continually has damaging conflict or underperforms? Does a specific group feel like they are not included? Does something seem not quite right?

Why a Systems-Based 360?

Suppose you answer yes or maybe to any of those. In that case, your organization is experiencing symptoms of a more significant systemic issue impacting the business, people environment, and learning within your organization.  

Our narrative and design-based approaches to the team and organizational 360’s will uncover the interactions and experiences creating the current performance levels and culture within your organization and the desired vision of your organization. In essence, we discover the current story being lived and the desired story you want your organization to be living and explore the gap to find insights that will help you thrive.