Leader/Team Led
Learning Certification

Questions You May Be Asking

Do you struggle getting everyone on the team to share knowledge?  Does your team know how to use failure to pursue excellence?  Do you want help eliciting input from all team members when making decisions?  Does your team want to excel at monitoring the environment for signals of change? 

Why Leader/Team Led Learning?

By developing your leaders and teams to lead the learning in your organization, you create the path to a learning culture. When the learning experiences happen within the team, it speeds up knowledge sharing, knowledge transfer, and knowledge creation. The valuable tacit knowledge embedded within the team becomes an asset that can lead to higher performance and profitability.

By strategically partnering with the leaders and teams in your organization, we support them in leading the learning in a way that ensures you will stay in the pursuit of excellence regardless of the conditions the team or organization faces.  Together we can accelerate your path to thriving.