Team Coaching

Questions You May Be Asking

Is your team failing to meet their goals?  Does your team struggle with interpersonal conflict?  Do you not feel like a team?  Does the leader of the team micro-manage?  Do team members feel safe to be themselves?  Do team members feel safe to engage in productive conflict?  Does everyone on the team feel like they belong on that team?  Does your team struggle to share knowledge?

Why a Systems-Based Team Coaching Approach?

 Organizations are an aggregate of individuals, teams, and workgroups that create complex human systems. To beat complexity requires complexity. Our coaching process focuses on helping teams, leaders of teams, and organizational leaders design solutions that work best for their complex situations.

Our coaching approach leverages multiple perspectives that help our clients imagine and create new solutions to influence emergent organizational behavior that accelerates learning and performance.  Our coaching process focuses on helping teams and leaders of teams gain awareness of their systems and then creating environments where individuals and team can thrive.