Michele Norton, Ph.D.


●       B.A. Loyola University in Maryland

●       M.Ed. Sam Houston State University

●       Ph.D. Texas A&M University

Why are you passionate about creating Thriving Teams?

I believe learning and environments are critical components of thriving and living as your best-loved self. At Thriving Teams Institute, I can combine my love of research, coaching, and designing learning experiences to help organizations create the environments and learning experiences where individuals, teams, and organizations can be at their best. 

What did you do before Thriving Teams?

I started my career in education. As a teacher and later an administrator, I continuously fell in love with the power of learning. I grew in my understanding of the environmental conditions needed for each student to thrive. After leaving the school setting, I worked with a national nonprofit developing a coaching program for leaders of high-risk schools. I recently conducted narrative research at Texas A&M University around leadership development in the STEM fields, design-based learning, teams, coaching, and the milieu needed to live as your best-loved self and create the best-loved team. I have worked with leaders and teams across many fields and positions to help them design for their best-loved self and understand the environments and learning needed to create the best-loved team. 

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is

Design for a life you want to be living, and Story is the gateway to living as your best-loved self. Those two pieces of wisdom came many years apart from two different women, but as I went through a period where I had to make sense of my own story, it was the combination that freed me to own my story and design for the story I wanted to be living. We don’t realize who is authoring our story and who is influencing our decisions until we begin to understand the story we are living and the story we want to live. We have to embrace the mistakes along the way, learn from them and keep designing forward. It’s a learning journey, but it’s a journey worth embarking on. Organizations and Teams are on a journey, a learning journey that can take them to places they did not know existed. The first part of team and organizational thriving is knowing the actual lived experience of your employees and the desired lived experience you envision creating.  

One item on my bucket list is

to visit all seven continents