Design for Flourishing

Bridge 3 Design Group is our social business venture to help individuals thrive, especially during transitions.

Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

At Bridge 3 Design Group we use design thinking and other design-based methods, such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, to help individuals and ultimately society flourish. We focus on a few key areas:

Designing with Individuals in Transition

Transitions are the perfect time to explore and design for a better version of you.  This requires a deep dive into self-awareness.  We have various tools and workshops to support you in thriving during the transition.

Design Thinking to
Solve Complex Problems

Complex problems require different perspectives than the ones that created the problem.  Design thinking helps you gain perspective and apply creative problem solving techniques as you design solutions where all can flourish.  

Design Thinking for

We are passionate about education and Veteran initiatives and the value designerly ways of thinking can bring to different non-profit organizations that help ensure well-being of individuals, teams, organizations and ultimately society.  

Designing Off-Boarding and On-Boarding for Employees

Employees joining and leaving your organization require the same amount of intentionality as those in your organization today.  We can help you design so they flourish as they on or off-board from your organization.