Challenges are Opportunities to Pursue Excellence

Read about our client partnerships and how we uncovered root causes, co-designed solutions, and took action to shift from surviving to thriving.

Team Leader 360

Client Pain Point: Toxic Leader

Gains for Client: 

~Targeted plan for interpersonal and emotional skill development that increase leader effectiveness

~Reduction in employee absence and turnover rates on his team

Team Coaching Experience

Client Pain Point: Strategically Navigating the Uncertainty of COVID

Gain for the Client: 

~Improved relationships on the team

~Increased the effectiveness of interactions on the team that supported learning and adapting quickly during COVID

Systems-Based Executive Coaching

Client Pain Point: Leader Taking Over a Previously Toxic Department

Gain for the Client: 

~Utilized new strategies for increasing trust across all departments

~Co-designed the intentional behaviors needed to build a collaborative culture

Team Learning Experience

Client Pain Point: Shifting to a Learning Culture

Gains for Client: 

~Increased the team’s ability to share and interpret signals from the business environment

~Strengthened their creative problem solving 

Organizational Learning Experience

Client Pain Point:  Too many process errors that were impacting profit

Gain for the Client: 

~New awareness of the misconceptions causing the process errors were uncovered

~Decreased errors after adapting a curious and learning-driven approach to errors

~Increased shared understanding among team members of their work

Organizational 360

Client Pain Point: Rapid Growth in Entrepreneurial Journey, Losing Control of Culture

Gain for the Client: 

~Founder team gained awareness of the behaviors negatively impacting operations

~Taking action on the insights uncovered from the 360 resulting in changes that positively impacted the climate and performance of their organization